Are you considering a new job?

An employment relationship ends for many reasons, but common for all who quit a job is that the road is taking a new direction. Whatever reason you have for considering changing jobs, there is a good chance that you are now in the process – a transition process. Whether it’s because of current work tasks, changes at work, the manager you have, or you simply feel you are ready for something new, the process is often characterized by being both exciting and scary at the same time. Scary because you know what you have and not what you get, plus that uncertainty in what the future brings can be challenging. Exciting because it means a new start and new opportunities.


When termination is not voluntary

The process will be somewhat different when you yourself choose to change jobs than when the employer chooses that you have to do something else due to restructuring, downsizing or that the position you have today is not right for you. Such a personal adjustment, regardless of the cause, is for many a demanding phase. For some, a grieving process of the lost begins, while others immediately see the opportunity to do something completely different.


The common denominator is awareness of strengths and motivation

The common denominator for the best possible success in this transition is about knowing what resources you possess, what you are good at and not least what you are motivated by and gets energy from, and then head for a new direction. Getting to know your own interests, personal qualities, skills, values and competence and job motivation over again will strengthen further career choices and career development. It is often a matter of getting help to sort and place.


A career counselor on your team

A career counselor will help you with this mapping and awareness raising. This will strengthen your decision basis in advance of such a choice. Having a career counselor in the personal adjustment process that it can be applying for a new job can be crucial to how quickly you get a new job. Support both in the personal adjustment process and the more technical aspects of preparing a CV (preferably also a Linkedin profile), assistance in application writing, testing and interview training as well.


How I work as a career counselor

The program is always adapted to each individual’s needs. We start with an overview of our own resources and competence, and then map the various opportunities in today’s job market. Further courses are staked out according to what you need, and it can be application writing, preparation of CV (and Linkedin profile), interview training etc.).

A career counselor has a duty of confidentiality, so you can be sure that confidentiality is maintained.


The right job for you is out there!


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I have 20 years of experience with HR work and HR management, both public and private, of which 8 years as HR director in Visma. I have 87 years of university education in psychology, guidance pedagogy, organization, management and competence development, as well as a master’s degree in administration and management. I am a certified career counselor and have my coaching education from Nordic Coach & NLP Academy.



“Kine is an active listener, who was sincerely engaged – on my terms. She gave concrete and good advice, which worked well in relation to the choice of future jobs, applications and preparations for interviews. She is creative, empathetic and well-informed in modern working life. ” You can read the entire reference here.


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