Kine Aasheim

coaching / career counselling / HR / keynote speaking

Become the person you always wanted to be

As a coach and mental trainer, I create trust and motivation by meeting you where you are, and encouraging you to think outside the box so that you can explore and reach your full potential. In order to reach this potential, it is important to know what motivates, what hinders, what core values you have, and what is needed to safeguard the energy balance both at work and elsewhere in life. Take a deep dive inward, while I facilitate your process!

About me

My professional background is in psychology, HR, management and coaching, with a master’s degree as the highest educational level, and for over 20 years I have supported managers, employees and individuals on their life journey, both related to work and privately.

I am genuinely interested in helping others to explore their autopilots, their obstacles and potentials, so that everyone can live an even better life. I am motivated by motivating you!

I am also an HR generalist and CEO of dinHR AS.


  • RIM Master facilitator
  • NLP & business coach
  • Mindfulness instructor
  • AON/Cut-e test
  • Master EASI behavioural and motivational style
  • Master OPTO selection (recruitment)
  • JTI (Jungs Type Index) for individuals and team
  • Profraad carreer tool
  • “Tankevirus”

What I can help you with:

Personal development

We change through life, and what brought us here may not be what will take us further. Do you want to change something? Do you have a goal you want to reach? Or do you feel that life has stopped a bit? Coaching and mental training is for everyone who wants to develop! Become curious about yourself again through coaching.

Career counselling

Are you considering a new job, or are you already looking? I help you to re-explore your competence and motivation, so that you can find your new direction. I help you create the CV you are proud of, and train you in easily communicating your skills. I also assist with application, interview training and testing when needed.

RIM® process

RIM® is a conversation-based technique for processing emotions and blockages. RIM is a gentle and efficient process that easily navigates between body and mind, head and heart, for increased vitality, joy and success. Book an appointment for a RIM session, or join a course and learn the tools to become a RIM facilitator.

Online courses

Online courses are for you who want to explore motivation, goals and change on your own – just when and where it suits you the best. Here you will find online courses of different scope and different topics with video, text and other resources that will move you forward in your personal development.


Company, voluntary organisation or club? I give presentations and training in motivation, communication, energy balance, making choices, living your beset life, and the good life. See ‘Book services’ for ordering from the lecture catalog. E-mail me for a request for a specially developed lecture on what is important to you.

Kine for hire

When it fits mye schedule, I love to solve interim needs such as general manager, department manager, HR manager and HR BP. I have 9 years of higher education in psychology, guidance, coaching, organization, management and inclusion, as well as a master’s in management and leadership, and 20 years of HR and management experience.

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