How online coaching works

In online coaching I use both telephone and online tools such as Zoom and Teams. Both parts are quick and easy to connect. Phone you are familiar with, and online via the web will be to follow a link you receive by email from me. You can use the link to connect both your phone and PC / Mac. We are happy to help you with the connection, but for the most part you log on without any problems. It’s always nice to watch video, but you decide what feels best for you. We will clarify this before we begin.

You get the best experience of online coaching when you

  • find a place for yourself where you will not be disturbed, this can be anything from the bedroom, garage, car or outside – anything that feels good to you
  • use headsets when using both phone and PC, then the sound will be best for both you and the coach
  • uses camera either on phone or PC / Mac all or part of the coaching conversation

How its done?

The only preparation you need to do is think through your own motivation for change. I work according to your premises and your development. We start the conversation by uncovering the goal of the coaching, and then the motivation to reach the goal. This is done by me asking open-ended questions that help your process get started. During coaching, specific techniques are often used that aim to help you further in your process. These are completely safe and harmless, and you always set your own boundaries. We normally work 1 hour at a time. The duration in the number of times will vary, and we evaluate this together as needed.

Coaching is based on:

  • open-ended questions
  • active listening
  • focus on goals, opportunities, potential solutions

// Kine