Personal development

Do you want to change something? Do you have a goal you want to achieve? Or do you feel that life has come to a standstill? Overall, coaching and mental training are for everyone who wants to develop! Be curious of yourself again.

There are many reasons why one feels the need to reorient oneself in life. Coaching is a great approach to re-exploring yourself, setting goals and creating the strategy to get there – while cheering you on in the process. The coach is a facilitator of the process, while you are in the driver’s seat.

Maybe there are some autopilots that no longer serve you. Maybe it’s relationships that are challenging. Whatever the reason – if you want change, you will bring about change. And I can help you along the way.

Let me facilitate your strengths and what is important to you, so you make choices that are right for you.

Coaching is primarily carried out online via Zoom or Teams (training is provided as needed), but it can also be arranged to meet on the premises at Kjøita 25 in Kristiansand or another suitable location.

Since change is a process that takes some time, it will always be most effective with a coaching run of around 5 hours, and therefore I always recommend such a package run for the best results.

Should you still have a one-off need because you are facing a choice or similar, a single appointment can be useful.

The coach is subject to confidentiality.

Book the time that suits you best under ‘book an appointment’ below.

Carreer counselling

Are you considering a new job, or are you already looking for one? I help you explore your competence and motivation anew, so that you can set a new course. I also help you create a CV you’re proud of, and train you to safely and easily communicate your expertise. I also assist with applications, interview training and testing when needed.

  • Coping with transition
  • No jobb – now what?
  • Ready for a new job?
  • Making a desicion – two or more offers
  • Strategically building a carreerr
  • Newly graduated?
  • Unsure about the way forward?


Career counseling is both for you who have clear ambitions and know where you want to go, and for you who are not sure what you want or what suits you. By knowing your interests, personal characteristics, skills, values and competence, you will be able to make career choices more easily and be aware of your career development.

Career counseling is highly relevant if you are in the midst of a change at work (new manager, new tasks, etc.), or if you are in a situation of downsizing, or if you want or have to quit your job for other reasons.

In Career counseling, a coaching approach is used for exploring core values and motivation, and counseling related to the preparation of CVs (also Linkedin profile), job applications, tests and interview training.

Career counseling is primarily carried out online via Zoom or Teams (training is provided if needed), but a meeting can also be arranged on the premises at Kjøita 25 in Kristiansand or another suitable location.

I use Cut-e/Aon test tools for mapping values, motivation, and interests, Metis EASI for profile type, Jung’s type index (JTI) (text not in eglish, but the test is) and Profråd carreer tool according to desire and need.

I am an experienced coach and career advisor, and have assisted many people in new jobs! My over 20 years of experience with HR and management mean that I know all phases of a recruitment process.

The career advisor is subject to a duty of confidentiality.

Since setting a new course is a process that takes some time, it will always be most effective with a career counseling course of around 5 hours, and therefore I always recommend such a package course for the best results.

Should you still have a one-off need because you are facing a choice or similar, booking a single session can be usefull.

Book the time that suits you best under ‘book an appointment’ below.


If you want to relax and explore further what is important to you in a job and prepare the CV and application that best showcases you, the online course ‘New course -. a carreerr transition program’ be a great choice for you. The course is currently in Norwegian only, but English version will be coming soon.

The online course is made up of modules and lessons, and has both video, text and workbook to facilitate you in your process.


The RIM® process is a gentle and safe, deep and effective process, which navigates between body and mind, head and heart, for increased vitality, joy and success. Everyone’s extraordinary inner processes are released easily and effortlessly.

Book a RIM session or learn the tool and become a RIM facilitator (first training in April 2023 – read more here).

The RIM® process is a client centered conversation technique efficient in working with:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Shame and depression
  • Grief and regrets
  • Toxic relationships
  • Addiction
  • Anger and frustration


How RIM works

The RIM® process is especially efficient in working with emotional blockages. RIM uses the power of imaginary experience. Our nervous system encodes an imagened event in the same way as an actual event. This makes it possible for a body memory to be regenerated and making new positive neurological traces ending old pain – while the actual memory remains the same.

The RIM® process stimulates to improved health in both body and mind.


Certified RIM facilitator

Certified RIM facilitator is a protected title, and one must have studied under Dr. Deborah Sandella. I am now in the process of finishing my Master’s level, and I am starting trainer training to train new facilitators – the first in Norway.


RIM session where YOU are

One of RIM’s absolute advantages is that a session can be carried out just as well via telephone and via Zoom/Teams (with connection only by pressing a key – no prior technical knowledge required) as face to face. This means that this service is offered completely regardless of where you are. I offer RIM sessions in both Norwegian and English.


How a RIM session works

Each session is final and independent. Many clients choose a package of 3-5 sessions to strengthen and accelerate the changes on the way to a new way of living, but also a single session can be powerful and create the desired change. A RIM session normally lasts from 1-2 hours, including time to talk both before and after the process. You sit comfortably and relaxed with your eyes closed, but there is an alert and conscious interaction between us. In the weeks following the sessions, you will be able to easily evoke your new beliefs to support and further integrate the changes in your body, mind and life.


What makes RIM so unique?

The vast majority of us are controlled by our left hemisphere, which represents our logical thinking. And there isn’t a problem or challenge in life that we haven’t approached logically before – but much still remains unsolved. What RIM does is to quickly, safely and effectively break through and bypass the logical part of the brain and into our right hemisphere, which is the emotional part of the brain. This way you get access to another storage unit in the brain, and thus the opportunity to work with the emotional blockages. It is through simple techniques that the body itself expresses where it is necessary to work, and the most fascinating thing is that the body never takes you deeper, or into problemareas that you are not able to handle. The body knows! The facilitator’s most important task is to create a session where you as a client ALWAYS are safe, are the one in charge and have confidence in the inner process. The facilitator follows the client.

A RIM process means that challenging things in life can be addressed and released in a safe and effective way.


What RIM isn’t

RIM is not therapy, RIM is not coaching. The RIM® Facilitator is not the expert or the leader of the process, but the RIM® Facilitator follows and guides the client to hidden blockages, which are quickly released through the RIM technique. The RIM® process does not include intellectual or analytical understanding of the psychodynamics. Based on both ethical and professional soundness, it is important that the client states any physical and/or psychological diagnoses. When starting new clients, a self-declaration form is always filled out.


Is RIM something for you?

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Want to know more about RIM?

The RIM process is developed by Dr Deborah Sandella, and she has published several books, the most famous of which is “Goodbye Hurt and Pain” (English). You can order this here. It is also available as an audiobook on Audible.

Online training

For you who want to start on your own. Here you will find online courses and other resources for you who want to continue your personal development without direct support at the moment.

The online course New course – a digital carreer transition program (currently only in norwegian, english version coming soon) gives you the opportunity to facilitate your process when and where it suits you the best. 

Executive coaching

Leadership coaching is for you who want to become a better leader, whether you are new as a leader or have been a leader for a while.

Bring your leadership to new heights with me as a coach and sparring partner.

I can assist you in exploring your strengths and weaknesses as a leader, and further develop what you want to become stronger at.

I can also be a sparring partner in, for example:

  • wise communication
  • handling employees
  • conflict management

Kine for Hire

I can cover interim needs as general manager, department manager, HR manager and HR business partner. Get in touch to match your needs and check availability. References are gladly provided on request.

Through my company dinHR AS I deliver HR services both on an hourly and project basis, but can also look after a company’s HR function as a whole. I take on interim assignments as HR director, HR BP, HR advisor and head of business unit. I also assist employees who have to, or wants to, quit their job and move to a new job, both through individual counseling/coaching and through the self-developed online course ‘New course – a career change programme’. The online course can also be offered to employees, e.g. in connection with downsizing. For a complete overview of delivery areas, see

I have extensive experience as a manager, as well as as an adviser and sparring partner for both employees and managers. I am passionate about getting the right person in the right place, good employee follow-up, implementing good change processes, driving effective management support, and bringing out the best in each individual employee, so that the business as a whole delivers more at the right time. Experience from both line manager responsibility and responsibility for the HR function. Long experience with remote management. My key qualities are that I create trust and motivation, and that I stimulate thinking outside the box.

From a professional background, I have 20 years’ experience in HR work, including a position as HR director at Visma. I have founded several companies, and I have the active side project – an online store for the cabin enthusiast, which I am too. In my basic education, I have psychology, guidance pedagogy, organisation, management and competence development, and I have a master’s degree in administration and management. I have recently finished the program ‘Leading in a digital age’, as well as the subject career counselling, and started the program ‘Inclusion skills’ at UiA. I am also fulfilling an old dream of completing a bachelor’s degree in psychology. I am a certified career advisor, RIM facilitator and NLP business coach.

Feel free to get in touch for a chat if I can solve a challenge for you. I am part of a large HR network that draws on each other if the scope is of a larger nature. I mainly work remotely, and have extensive experience and good tools in this approach.

See LinkedIn-profil.

Public speaking

Company, organization or club? Lectures on motivation, communication, energy balance, making choices, managing one’s own life, and the good life. Specially tailored to meet you need.

Both physical and digital lectures can be ordered. And I am happy to prepare lectures especially for what is moving in your group. Press ‘contact me’ below to start the dialogue about it.

Catalog courses that can be completed both physically and digitally are:


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