Career counselling (1,5 hours)

kr 1500,00

Individual career advice. 1.5 hours. Online via Zoom / Teams, alternatively at the office in Kristiansand.

This individual career counseling can be about, for example:

  • choice between several job offers
  • CV assistance
  • assistance on a specific application
  • interview training

If you are not sure what type of conversation you need and want, you can order both coaching and career advice. We always start the conversation with a small check in about what you are most concerned about and need right now, and adapt the goals of the conversation, tools and approach in line with that.


Booking of time and date:


An employment relationship ends for many reasons, but common to everyone who quits a job is that the way forward must be staked out again. Whatever reason you have for considering changing jobs, there is a good chance that you are now in the process – a process of change. Whether it is because of current tasks, changes at work, the manager you have, or you simply know you are ready for something new, the process is often characterized by being both exciting and scary at the same time. Scary because you know what you have and not what you will get, plus the uncertainty of what the future holds can be challenging to stand in. Exciting because it means a new start and new opportunities.

The common denominator in order to succeed as best as possible in this adjustment process is about knowing what resources you possess, what you are good at and not least what motivates you and gives you energy, so that you can set a new course. Getting to know one’s own interests, personal characteristics, skills, values and competence and job motivation will strengthen further career choices and career development. Often it is about getting help to sort and place.

You get that in career counseling!

PS! If you want a physical meeting in Kristiansand, send me an email about it after ordering at