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Learn the RIM® method for effective release of negative thoughts, feelings and memories. Spend 4 unforgettable days together with committed trainer and other coaches, mental trainers and therapists who assist people on their life journey, learning how to use this powerful method! Join the basic course in the RIM® method; RIM® Essentials.


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The RIM® method easily and effortlessly takes your clients straight to the root of their challenges!

Dr. deborah sandella

Creator of the RIM® method

The RIM® method 

Are you a coach, mental trainer or therapist, and want to expand your toolbox with some of the most ground-breaking and effective for dealing with unwanted emotions and blockages? The RIM® method has been developed especially for you! The RIM® method is effective on:


Fast results !

The RIM® process is particularly good at emotional blockages. Our nervous system encodes an imagined event in the same way as an actual event, allowing an emotional body memory to regenerate to create new positive neurological tracks that end old pain – even if the actual memory remains the same. The RIM® process will also contribute to improved health both in body and mind.

How RIM® works

RIM® (which stands for Regenerating Images in Memory) is an extremely fast and effective body-centered technique that frees clients from negative thoughts, feelings and memories, through their regeneration. Neuroscientific findings support the efficacy of RIM® by explaining that the brain and nervous system are plastic. Researchers have found that recalling a memory biochemically destabilizes it so it can be recreated more appropriately.

We can thus help clients create a new positive body memory that replaces old pain, even if the actual memory remains the same. In the RIM® process, the client integrates a new body-centered feeling that automatically stimulates body and mind in a positive and appropriate way

Now in Norway

Be among the first in Norway to master this method, and integrate it as a natural part of your toolbox when you assist others on their life journey.

Dr. Deborah Sandella 

For the first time in Norway, the training in the RIM® method is held in Norway, and Dr. Deborah Sandella, who created the technique, will participat in the training.

This is included!

This training is conducted online during the period 24.11.23 til 27.11.23. At 16.00 - 22.30 (4PM to 10.30PM CEST) every day. The course is held in English, as creator of RIM® Dr. Deborah Sandella participates (from the American time zone).

4 days live online training filled with tools and personal development (value: 32000 kr)

3 months of mentor support in connection with the 12 practice sessions after the training (value: 15000 kr)

3 months access to the self-development joint meeting online together with other RIM facilitators (value: 15000 kr)

Lifetime access to monthly Facilitator online community gatherings (value: priceless)

One individual RIM® Session (value: 2000 kr)

RIM® Essentials Manual (value: 2000 kr)

Learn how to easily dissolve blocks that hold people back from achieving greater success and joy in life.

Dr. deborah sandella

Creator of the RIM® method

RIM® Essentials - basic level

RIM® Essentials will give you the knowledge to use the method and techniques with your clients. The training on Zoom will be intensive and educational, and those who attend open and ready for both personal development, in addition to the desire to learn a new and effective skill, will get the most benefit from the training.

The training will both provide room for personal development, a review of the techniques and exercises in their use. Find a place where you are comfortable and sit shielded. After the training days, you complete 12 RIM® practice sessions, which you document and receive guidance on.

Trainer Kine Aasheim

My RIM® journey started in 2018, and I was impressed from day 1 by how efficiently and effortlessly RIM® works, both in depth and in the right place. Each client always knows where to work, and my role as a RIM® facilitator is to use techniques to assist the client in getting there - and release blockages that prevent them from living the life they want. Since participating in RIM® Essentials in 2018, I have also studied directly under the creator of RIM®, Dr Deborah Sandella in the USA, and I have gone through the levels RIM® Certification, RIM® master and now most recently as a RIM® Essentials trainer/instructor. It is a pleasure to now be able to introduce training in RIM® Essentials for the first time in Norway.

Kine Aasheim, RIM® master facilitator, coach, HR specialist and carreer counsellor

Client testimonials

"RIM® is something everyone in Norway should have the opportunity experience"

"The RIM® session is like mental massage"

"I came to new insights so quickly that I have never done before"


Only 6 seats!

Registration deadline 12. November 2023

Introduction price: NOK 29 990,-

Ordinary price: NOK 34 990,-

What RIM® is not

RIM® is not therapy, RIM® is not coaching. The RIM® Facilitator is not an expert or leader of processes, but the RIM® Facilitator follows the client and guides to hidden blockages, which are quickly resolved through RIM® techniques. The RIM® techniques do not contain an intellectual or analytical understanding of psychodynamics.

The RIM® journey for facilitators

The training within RIM® is diverse. The first step is RIM® Essentials, which is this training. The next levels are:

2. Certified facilitator

3. Master facilitator

4. Trainer (for Essentials level)

Frequently asked questions

Are all training online?

The entire training is on Zoom. What you need in terms of technical equipment is a PC/Mac with a camera, speaker and microphone. You are encouraged to sit somewhere where you can sit undisturbed. We know it can be demanding with long sessions on Zoom, and we take breaks as needed. There will be a longer break halfway through each day. If you are unfamiliar with using Zoom, you will receive training in its use ahead of the course.

Why is the training so late at night?

In this particular training we are lucky to have the creator of the RIM® method, Dr. Deborah Sandella, participate. She is 8 hours behind the Norwegian time zone, and in order to catch her there will be evening sessions with us in Norway.

Can I split the payment?

Yes you can. Contact me on / +47 91623873, and we ca agree on a down payment plan.

Can I use the technique independently once I have completed the course?

The training is completed when you have had 12 RIM® sessions which are submitted for review. Once that is done, you can use the RIM® method in your daily practice.

Will I be able to continue learning more about RIM® after RIM® Essentials?

RIM Essentials is the basic course level. The next step is RIM® Certification, and then comes the Master Facilitator level. For those who want to train others in using the techniques, it is also possible to take the "trainer" course. All levels other than RIM® Essentials are offered in the USA, Colorado, and are led by Dr. Deborah Sandella herself.

Where does the RIM® method come from?

Deborah Sandella PhD, is the author of the #1 international bestseller "Goodbye, Hurt and Pain, 7 Simple Steps to Health, Love and Success." She is an award-winning psychotherapist, university professor and creator of the ground-breaking Regenerating Images in Memory (RIM®) method, which is a neuroscientific tool suitable for reducing stress and improving quality of life.

Dr. Deb started the Regenerating Images in Memory (RIM®) method after 20 years in mental health professions. With new eyes, she wanted to explore what she thought was possible and impossible, and began to follow her clients' natural inner experience. And the surprise was great at the speed and degree of transformation that occurs when we trust the psyche to uncover the root cause. She learned that each of us has a natural emotional operating system (EOS) that inherently knows how to increase positive emotions and dissolve negative ones. We just need to know how to activate what looks like an emotional self-cleaning oven that makes life easier, but you still have to turn it on. Best-selling physician Larry Dossey describes RIM as "...a practical, down-to-earth method for realizing the enormous potential that resides in everyone."

Do others in Norway use this method?

There is only 1 practitioner (me) of the technique, and 1 other with completed RIM® Essentials in Norway (who does not practice in a client setting). We thus have a fantastic starting point to jointly introduce these ground-breaking techniques into the Norwegian market.

Do I need any special background or education to complete the RIM® Essentials training?

It is an advantage to have worked client-oriented in the past, and with the possibility of applying the technique in client work, but no prerequisite. It is usually coaches, mental trainers, therapists and supervisors who use the techniques, but also within management and employee development.

Professions and occupational groups that currently practice the RIM® techniques are psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, nurses, career counselors, managers, HR staff, coaches and life coaches.

How good in English do I have to be to participate?

You must be able to benefit from the teaching in English, as well as use English in dialogue and practice exercises during the training. The course material that you receive in advance will also be in English. You will get good help with translation along the way, and we help each other when we get stuck. The most important thing is therefore the ability to throw yourself into it and dare to use English - which is far from having to be perfect! You can choose to do the 12 practice sessions in Norwegian after the course days.

Why is the training in English?

The training is in English because Dr. Deborah Sandella, who is American, is involved in this particular training. The course material will also always be in English, according to Sandella's requirements, and thus all courses, regardless of language, will require knowledge of English.

Will the training come in Norwegian later?

RIM® Essentials will be set up in Norwegian spring 2024. Please contact me at to be informed when dates have been set for this.

The course material however, will always be in English, according to the requirements of the creator Dr. Deborah Sandella, and thus all courses, regardless of language, will require some knowledge of English.

How is a RIM® session carried out?

A RIM® session is a 1 to 1 conversation that is carried out just as well via telephone and via Zoom/Teams as it is face to face. This means that this service is offered completely regardless of where you and the client are located.

A RIM® session normally lasts from 1-2 hours, including time to talk both before and after the process. The client (and preferably you too) sits comfortably and relaxed with the eyes closed, but there is an alert and conscious interaction between you and the client.

Each session is final and independent. Many clients choose a package of 3-5 sessions to strengthen and accelerate the changes on the way to a new way of living, but also a single session can be powerful and create the desired change.

I have questions, who can I contact?

Please send me an email at or call me on +47  91623873.

The right time is now! Learn the RIM® techniques and put them to use with your clients immediately. Only 6 open spots!