Coaching session (1,5 h)

kr 1500,00

Individual coaching session. 1.5 hours. Online coaching via Zoom / Teams, alternatively at the office in Kristiansand.


Booking of time and date:


Coaching is a useful tool both for dealing with a specific problem or challenge (both small and large), for working towards a goal, changing an inappropriate behavior pattern, as well as challenging areas of life. Coaching helps to uncover your resources and put them to use in a new way.


Who mental training is for:

  • you who have a goal you want to achieve
  • you who are going through something you want to have prepared for, such as a job interview, exam, “the difficult conversation” etc
  • ‘you who feel that you are stuck in something, e.g. in a job situation, handling change etc
  • you who are a leader and who want to develop your leadership
  • you who want to develop yourself in an area of ​​life
  • you who have a specific challenge that you want to tackle. It can be big or small, but the common thing is that you feel that the challenge
  • prevents you from moving forward or leaving something behind
  • you who have to make choices

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